Finally helps tech enabled companies claim tax credits


Business owners have a myriad of things to worry about on a daily basis.  Some things have a major impact on your business and some things don’t.  Yet, they seemingly worry about them the same.   Imagine the things they don’t know about yet can make a significant positive impact on their business.  Even better than this, imagine having someone continually searching for things that you don’t know about, yet can significantly benefit your business.

Another frustrating thing about running a business is how lonely it feels at times.  Few people understand how stressful it can be and how little support you truly have while navigating the daily and monthly pressures to grow your business while also serving clients or maintaining a great reputation.

To these two points we have discovered another way we can help business owners across the United States.  Most small to medium business owners have no idea that billions of dollars worth of tax credits go unclaimed every year.  This also means that their own CPA or accountant doing their taxes every year also do not know or have not presented them with any of these tax credits.

The companies that do know and always benefit from these types of tax credits are the largest ones in the country with dedicated research teams who have this task as their job, that of finding the company beneficial tax credits every year.

We have made finding beneficial tax credits for small and medium sized businesses a new mission of ours.  We know business owners deserve better.  We believe we are the company to solve this issue for businesses in conjunction with how we already help our clients via our expert blend of technology and human talent.

We want to make it possible for a company with 5 to 15 employees to feel like they have all the benefits and support one with 10,000 employees would as it relates to identifying and benefiting from potential tax credits.

Back Office is committed to always devise new ways to help small business owners and our tax credit service is the newest iteration of this.

The process is easy.  We only get compensated if you accept any of the credits we present to you.  We also handle any of paperwork associated with any tax credit you decide you want to benefit from.  That is not even the best part.  With us you do not have to wait to receive the credit since we can advance you the money.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help your business continually identify potential tax credits you may not even know ever existed.