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Run cash in vs cash out projections

As a growing business you always have ideas that you consider and try to guess how it’ll affect your cash flow. With Finally, there’s no more guessing when it comes to your numbers and decision making.

With Finally Cash Insights, monitoring and projecting cash in and cash out just got a lot easier. Key financial insights and projections are crucial in making educated, data driven decisions.

Why small businesses love cash insight from Finally

Projected impact

No more rummaging through a lot of spreadsheets trying to figure out what items may be impacted. With just a few clicks, you can get see projections

No more guessing

Now you can leverage your data for more educated decision making. You’ll quickly and easily be able to analyze the impact the your decisions will have on your business.

Time for strategic decisions

Make optimal strategic decisions you can rely on. Anytime a decision needs to be made you can always access reliable data to help guide you.

Your financial situation in real-time

Using historical data, Finally Cash Vision analyzes how a potential decision may impact your financials. Now it’s possible to make educated, data-driven decisions with no surprises. Cash flow forecasting allows you to quickly see your cash activity so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

We know that not everyone absorbs information the same. Your cash activity can now be viewed in multiple easily digestible formats including graphs, calendars, etc. These formats provide you with detailed illustrations so that your numbers are easier to understand and digest.

Take a fresh look at your cash

See your cash in real-time like never before. Now you can manage your cash activities and know in real-time that invoices paid, and bills paid are reflected immediately in your cash balance. Cash insights provides projections of your financials adjusted by any new idea or decision you want to employ.

Scenario projection models

Are you able to purchase that piece of equipment? Can you afford to give an employee a raise? Am I in a good financial position to make these decisions? Wonder no longer!

Finally Cash Insights allows you to simulate a hypothetical scenario or decision you are considering making. The Cash Insights tool forecasts the impact of this decision on your current cash balance. You can build off of a previous scenario, a twelve- or six-month cash flow projection.

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