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Payroll that’s easy to use

Our easy-to-use platform manages all aspects of your payroll. With Finally, payroll management isn’t the complex, time-consuming task that it used to be.

Our payroll dashboard provides you with a complete picture of your payroll spending. Quickly view trends of spending related to a benefits package, wages, and payroll taxes. Past payroll spends per employee, per department, or for your entire organization are easily tracked and reported for your convenience.

Finally mobile app features

Quick & easy payroll

Now you can spend less time on payroll and

Accounting automatic syncing

All of your payroll transactions will
automatically feed into your accounting
system to reflect the appropriate expense
categories on your books.

Payroll taxes, filed automatically

We don’t just calculate your taxes, we file
them with the right government agencies
every time you run payroll.

Preferred partners Finally & Gusto

Finally’s partnership with Gusto, a leading technology payroll services provider, allows you to get the best of both worlds for payroll. With Back Office you receive preferred access with dedicated on-boarding & ongoing customer support.

Gusto customers spend less than five minutes processing payroll and notice significantly fewer payroll errors.

Gusto integrates seamlessly with Finally to provide you the best of both worlds.

Payroll made easy by Finally

Finally payroll integrates with your accounting & bookkeeping software. This allows you to find and store all your information & documents in one central, secure hub. You can use, Intuit payroll, ADP, Paychex, Gusto or any other major payroll provider with Finally.

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